Product Name : Nycocard Reader II

Nycocard Reader II

The Nycocard Reader II is a small battery powered instrument, designed to measure all Nycocard products. The coloured responses of the Nycocard products are measured by spectral reflectance in three parts of the visible spectrum.

Patented measurement principle:

Each NycoCard test comprises a unique Test Device where the test is performed.

The device has a central well for sample and reagent application, which is shaped to fit the Reader pen. When the pen is placed over the sample and the pen sleeve is pushed down, the measurement starts automatically and the test result appears on the display

Tehnical Spesifications


Size, instrument box    

200x170x70 mm  
Size, Reader pen     

L : 144 mm, D : 29,5 mm      

540 g (incl. Reader pen and batteries)
Display type                     
LCD, 2 x 16 characters
Intel 80 C32 
Memory capacity  
Programme memory capacity : 64 Kbytes           
Test storage capacity     

2 Kbytes
Power supply
Batteries, battery charger                

Measuring Conditions

Temperature range

15-35°C (The recommended range is 18-25°C)
Relative humidity

Rechargeable NiMH batteries only,size AA, 1.2V, Recharge 8-18 hours

Battery Charger
Mascot type 8311/0901 or equivalent
Output : 9VDC/2.5 W
Plug 3630+ (coaxial type):
Polarity; pos. (+) in centre
Length : 12.0 mm
Inner diameter  : 2.1 mm
Outer diameter : 5.5 mm
PT. Primaco Unitama
PT. Alam Putra Sakti